You’ve heard us talk a little about the Why of LDC Via and hopefully that’s got you interested. But we’re very aware that what we’ve created is a significant change from running your Domino server.

What we need are people to kick the tyres of our NSF migration tools, our admin interfaces, security and also the development API. If you think you’d like to be involved then get in contact with us (some of you already have, thank you!) If you’ve been involved with a beta program before then the process will be familiar, we’ll get you set up with our beta environment, help you get started and then let you play. In return we’ll be asking you to give us feedback, as brutally honest as possible, about the good, the bad and the things that need to be changed before LDC Via is production-ready.

In return for all of your effort you will get our eternal gratitude and very preferential pricing when we switch from beta to live.

Here’s a little more detail about the three main areas of LDC Via we want you to look at:

First we have the migration process. This is split into two parts, either our online tool which will talk directly to your internet facing Domino server, or the on premises tool which acts as a conduit between your internal Domino server and our cloud based servers. We want to be able to migrate your full Domino databases and make sure that we are getting 100% fidelity. We’ve obviously done significant testing of this ourselves already, but we can always do more.

Second we have the admin interfaces. These allow you to see your data. Think of the main admin screen as the equivalent of an “All Documents” view combined with the “Document Properties” dialog box (only more useful, hopefully!) You can manage user accounts and security for your organisation too, which includes modifying document-level security settings.

Finally, for the developers out there, we have our API. This is what allows you to create new applications or integrate with your existing applications and access your data in whatever way you need. Here we’re wanting to make sure that the APIs we have created are sufficient, and to identify new APIs that will make your life easier.

So if all this sounds like it’s something you want to get involved with, please let us know and we’ll add you to the list. We aim to be starting the process in the next few weeks.