Mark, Julian and Ben will all be at IBM ConnectED from Friday evening this week. If you’d like to say hello, talk about LDC Via, enter our competition (come back in a couple of days to find out about that) or simply share a beer / some ludicrous sugary confection (in the case of the Wookiee), we’d be delighted to see you.

As you probably know, the conference itself is taking place in the Swan this year. Mark will be around a lot, although staying off-site, whilst the other two reprobates are also residing in the Swan, so will no doubt be irritatingly easy to find.

In addition to general lingering and chatting, you will be able to find Mark at his splendidly useful “Beyond The Every Day” session, “1 App, 2 Developers, 3 Servers: Getting the Same Application to Run on Different Servers” which is happening at 3.45pm in Mockingbird 1 - 2 on Tuesday—here’s a session link for those with ConnectED site access:

Additionally, Mark has somehow become an IBM Champion (no we don’t know how either), and as such you will be able to find him at the Leadership Alliance events looking out of place and desperate to talk tech with anyone.

If you need to know what we look like (oof), take a look-see here. Smooth.

(For those wondering why Matt is not with us this week… he claims to have a very good reason, but we’re unconvinced ;-))