Three of us from LDC Via are at ConnectED this week: Ben Poole (@benpoole), Mark Myers (@stickfight) and Julian Woodward (@woowar). We will have LDC Via leaflets to give you, and the crossword and clues are on the back. Do it to the best of your ability (some of the clues are bastard hard - at least we hope so) and hand it back to us by the deadline. Simple. Remember: you could win a Sonos Play:1.

Competition rules, for the avoidance of stress and fisticuffs

  1. Only those physically present at the ConnectED conference venue are eligible for the prize.
  2. You do not have to be a registered conference attendee to be eligible for the prize.
  3. Your completed crossword must be returned to us by midday on Wednesday 28th January.
  4. The prize winner will be drawn at random from the fully-correct submitted crosswords.
  5. In the event of no fully-correct answers, the prize will go to the person (or be drawn at random from the persons) with the most correct answers.
  6. If you are a registered conference attendee, and you cannot locate Ben, Mark or Julian in time, you may email a scan/photo of your completed sheet, by midday on Wednesday, to [email protected]. (Please make sure it’s legible).
  7. The prize will be awarded at the Closing Session on Wednesday afternoon.
  8. If the winner is not at the Closing Session, the prize will be shipped directly to them after the conference.

If you are not at the conference, but fancy having a go anyway (or you are at the conference but want to make a head start) here is the full crossword with clues. We will post a completed version after the conference and you can see how well you did.

Crossword Clues