Last week, most of the the LDC Via team attended the Engage User Group event in Ghent, Belgium along with 320 other people.

As ever, Theo ran an amazing couple of days with a wonderful venue, content and catering and we were very happy to be sponsoring for the first time.

Among all of the sessions and conversations, LDC Via was officially launched!

From today you can go to our website and register a free account to try out our Domino migration utilities.

See what you can do with our standard application templates, and investigate what you can build with our full featured programming layer.

Ben and Matt presented a session introducing LDC Via: you can download the slide deck from our website.

It’s traditional at these user groups to run a giveaway competition. Thanks to everyone who entered our word search, you all did very well. The lucky winner of our Sonos Play:1 was Simon Peek from We4IT.