We’ve created a full featured API for development of custom applications with LDC Via, however, we’re aware that there is not always the time or budget to do large development projects, so we have also given you a jumpstart.

We’ve worked closely with the team behind the XComponents project. This is an open source framework based on AngularJS and Bootstrap that allows you to quickly create applications that will work on desktop and mobile devices equally well.

LDC Via Teamroom

All of our standard templates (Discussion, Document Library, Teamroom and Mail) are developed using XComponents, and, even better than that, they’re all open source. You can easily take the source code for them and modify it to fit the needs of your applications.

At the simplest end of the spectrum, you’ll be able to take one of our templates and simply modify the data model to match the forms that you want to display. Of course if you want to get more complicated, then you can extend the templates to do anything that you fancy using the best of breed frameworks like AngularJS and Bootstrap.

If you have in-house developers, then the best starting point would be our Github page or we can help you with your application development needs as well.