“Search?” I hear you mutter, “full text search? Really?”

Well yes indeed! We’ve always offered a field-based search facility in LDC Via, but of course, chances are your users will want to search for a phrase across an entire document or collection of documents. Enter LDC Via’s full text search functionality.

Searching like this is often a must-have in an application, but it’s not straightforward to implement when dealing with a platform like LDC Via that offers document-level security. We took some time and did it right, implementing full-text search for those using paid tiers in LDC Via. So if you’re signed up to one of our paid plans, you have a single box to tick and you’re good to go:

Database settings screen

Full search functionality will now be available in both the standard templates we offer and the LDC Via API.

You can also combine full text search with standard field-based search in a single query. For example, you could issue a single query to get all contracts with an issue date between 01-Jan-15 and 31-Mar-15 within the category “New client”, and mentioning “banana” anywhere in their text.