We’ve spoken before about LDC Via Lens, but some things bear re-visiting, especially when the LDC Via pixies have been hard at work delivering new features that will put a smile on any developer’s face!

Today, we want to talk to you about “virtual fields”, a relatively new addition to LDC Via Lens. Anyone with a Domino background will be comfortable with the concept of virtual fields: essentially they a modern version of computed-for-display fields in IBM Lotus Notes & Domino applications.

A virtual field forms part of a collection schema, and can be referenced both from an API call and from any user interfaces you use with your migrated data—either within the LDC Via Lens application itself, or your own custom UI.

If you want to see how virtual fields work, and how simple they are to implement, check out our recent video on LDC Via Lens (virtual fields are covered around one minute in, but you should most definitely watch the whole thing).

You can read more about using virtual fields over on our support documentation site.