Back in January we hosted a webinar where we talked about the basics of LDC Via: how to migrate data and use our templates. If you wish to refresh your memory, that’s available up on YouTube: LDC Via Webinar.

Time marches on, and we wanted to put together a second webinar, this time focusing on developers!

Two weeks ago we ran this, Developing web applications with LDC Via, which was loosely-based on some content we first presented at Engage this year. The session was popular, but a lot of people still missed it, and we had some audio issues too. As a result, we repeated the session last Wednesday, and the recording is available on our YouTube channel:

Developing web applications with LDC Via.

During this session we talk about modern web application development using REST services. There are demonstrations from both the client- and server-side: React.js for some client code consuming the LDC Via API, and also the Java framework Vaadin on the server, together with a node.js / Express application too.

Take a look at the session—there’s a lot of content in there—and if you want to dive into LDC Via you can review API documentation on-line, and we have plenty of sample code in our GitHub repository.