Just 2 weeks into our beta of KEEP.WORKS, and we want our lovely beta testers to know we’ve been listening to their feedback. So, version 1.0.79 went live this week, with the following splendid new features.

Database icons

A workspace full of square tiles is a thing of zen-like beauty, of course. But sometimes, you need to jazz it up a little with images of your own, to make you feel at home. So it’s now possible to add an image to a database, and that image will display both on the database icon on the KEEP.WORKS workspace, and also within every screen inside the application. And because we don’t like to do things by halves, not only can you upload any image you like, but you can also crop, zoom and rotate it. You can even export it (and, yes, PNG files are supported. “In” joke).

Database settings

Each database on the workspace now has a gear icon at the top right, to allow you to quickly get to its settings page. From there you can add new users, look at stats, change the title, and — yes — set up a database icon.


You can now enter some css into the global settings area, which will then be loaded as the final stylesheet on every page in KEEP.WORKS. So you can override any of our default CSS settings to turn your KEEP.WORKS instance into a Frankenstein’s monster of bright pink comic sans on a canary yellow background. Or alternatively you could do something useful with it, like adapt our colour and font scheme to match your corporate standards. But that wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


Various little bugs have been squished and wiped away. That’s what a beta phase is for.

If you want to be alerted when we open KEEP.WORKS up to a wider audience, simply email [email protected].