Theo does such an amazing job organising this event every year that it gets difficult to work out what to praise most. As ever, the venue was magnificent, as were the sessions, speakers, sponsors, number of attendees. It’s nice to be able to go to an event that is so reliably well run. Engage 2017 Pics For LDC Via, this was our third year as a sponsor, and our best yet. We had some really great conversations with people. Speed sponsoring, especially, was a highlight. Normally there’s a gradual drop off in the number of people doing each iteration of the presentation, but a remarkable number stayed until the end. Poor old Ben deserved the beers that were constantly in hand while he did the presentation 23 times!

Another great thing was the number of new attendees for the event. We had a similarly large number of new faces come and visit the stand. So remember, if you have any questions about LDC Via, please do contact us.

Otherwise, we’re already looking forward to the 2018 version of Engage, wherever it may be.