LDC Via is, in my experience, a unique company: it started out as a group of consultants gathered together to help each other and share skills and experience, and then the Via product grew out of the realisation that so many of the things that we’re asked to deliver did not exist in the market.

That still holds to this day: we don’t have a default answer to every question of “NO” like many fixed products do, but nor do we default to “YES” like the sales teams for every cloud vendor ever (and then bite you later on). What we do is take a platform that we built with care that provides 90% of what we think people will need, and then we mould the rest to match exact requirements. We don’t presume to tell you what you need.

We built LDC Via from various components, not just the current internet darlings and not necessarily the libraries that are most popular and safe at corporations. We built Via with an eye to a solid foundation that will serve both you and us for years to come.

That is what makes the difference: we are all consultants used to dealing with other people’s platforms, and trying to get around the hard “YES” and “NO” of other’s limitations. Now we don’t have to do that; we can change things if it makes sense to do so, and this is a breath of fresh air, something to be proud of as we see the platform grow.

We do not default to “Yes”, we do not default to “No”. Our default is “What do you need?”