The Concert (1623) by Gerard van Honthorst, National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. online collection (public domain).

Oh my, it’s 2024 already. So, erm, happy new year? I think we can still say that despite it being the 11th…

Life proceeds apace, busy and eventful as ever, at LDC Towers. Yet again we find ourselves apologising for the radio silence on this site: we are terrible bloggers, no question (well, apart from the Wookiee).

As the year rolls over – LDC Via turns ten in 2024! – we find ourselves embroiled in the technology behind supply chains, fuel pricing, insurance, financial services, insolvency practitioners, amongst other things. Languages and platforms proliferate: Salesforce, Google, AWS, Azure, MongoDB, vector databases, SQL databases, node, Javascript, Lotusscript (LOL), and much, much more. Some of us even do management stuff (again, looking at the Wookiee).

It’s never dull eh. We wish you, and your loved ones, a happy, healthy and stress-free 2024: make that extra day count, and we will see you at Engage!