What is KEEP.WORKS and why is it so different?

Nearly two years ago we launched LDC Via, a new platform that allows you to migrate your legacy Notes and Domino data, and host it on our servers while retaining a lot of the best features of Lotus Notes. Over that time we’ve talked to a lot of people and, it’s fair to say, what we offer is a broad palette of tools: a migration utility, a database platform and a full featured API. But it can be a little overwhelming to get started.

Initially we created several templates that run on the main LDC Via servers. But they were really technical demonstrations at best. So, over the last few months, we’ve created a new service: KEEP.WORKS.

KEEP.WORKS offers several things. Key among them is a simple migration path. You simply need to upload your legacy Notes database to our servers and we will convert it for you. This can be done in as little as ten minutes, depending on the size of your database. If your database matches one of our standard templates (Discussion, Document Library, Teamroom, Journal, Personal Address Book or Mail) then you can immediately log in and carry on working with your data.

Import Screen

To be honest, if that were all that KEEP.WORKS offered you might feel a little underwhelmed. Automated database migration is nice, but we want more! Well, how about a configuration driven way of continuing to work with your data? We’ve got it.

When you import a non-standard database, you can configure how to view, create and edit the data. You can even enable document-level security and set up additional users to access it. All without writing a single line of code.

Database Settings

And the nice thing about all this? Well it’s developed using LDC Via as the underlying platform, so if you outgrow the KEEP.WORKS platform your developers can continue to work with the data and create your own custom applications using whatever languages and coding tools you (or they!) choose. Or, if you prefer, we can create more complex custom applications for you.

For the first month of its life, KEEP.WORKS is going to run in an invitation-only beta status, with a strict limit of 12 places. If you’d like to be one of the first people to put KEEP.WORKS through its paces, visit the home page here: https://keep.works/ - alternatively, you’ll be able to sign up for a full account in just a couple of months time.

And the price? Well we start at £20 per month!

Announcing KEEP.WORKS

Today we are announcing a brand new product: KEEP.WORKS.


KEEP.WORKS lowers the barrier for migrating IBM Notes and Domino data to a modern cloud platform. For a very small monthly fee, an individual or a small team can upload an NSF file, and have it converted automatically and available on desktop and mobile devices for them and any other users they care to invite. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg, and more details will follow.

But for now… we have a total of 12 places available on our invitation-only beta programme. If you’re interested in being one of the first people to put KEEP.WORKS through its paces, go to the home page and register, and we’ll be in touch when the beta programme opens in mid-September.

More surprises from LDC Via

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at LDC Via. But we haven’t finished yet.

Keep a look out for another major announcement this week!

In the meantime, here are the things we already announced last week:

LDC Via has been selected as a G-Cloud 8 supplier

LDC Via strategic partnership with PSC Group

Announced at MWLUG: LDC Via partnership with PSC Group

PSC Group and LDC Via have entered into a strategic partnership. Under this partnership PSC Group will adopt LDC Via as a platform for customers seeking to migrate data and applications away from legacy IBM (Lotus) Notes & Domino, and also as a preferred platform for the development of new software applications that might otherwise have been developed on Domino.

Why has PSC Group adopted LDC Via?

  • Satisfy client needs for a low-risk migration strategy
  • Create a modern application development platform
  • Familiar REST-based API model
  • Familiar security model for Domino applications
  • Best-of-breed data migration tools

LDC Via provides a cloud-based managed database platform that emulates key features of IBM Domino in order to lower the barrier for transfer of both data and skills. The tiered monthly pricing model of LDC Via, with no minimum commitment, makes it a very cost-effective replacement for Domino. For larger customers bespoke pricing, dedicated installations, and on-premises options, are available: contact LDC Via for more details.

PSC Group is a global professional services and information technology consulting firm headquartered in Chicago.

LDC Via and PSC Group look forward to sharing more about our partnership and the application roadmap we are building together.

PSC Group logo

LDC Via has been selected as a G-Cloud 8 supplier

We are delighted to report that LDC Via has been awarded a place as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) supplier on G-Cloud 8, the Crown Commercial Service’s public sector procurement framework for cloud-based software and services in the UK.

G-Cloud 8 is the latest stage of the UK Government’s plans to create a digital marketplace; it provides an online catalogue from which public bodies are able to select approved IT services in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Read the full press release here.

See LDC Via’s full G-Cloud 8 listing.